Getting Value for Your Dollar

 In Straight Lines: How to Hire the Right Painter

I keep wondering about the relationship between quality and price and what is more important to a customer. Does the cheapest price always win out over the best job? Does the best job always mean the most expensive price? I don’t think so, but I do think that as price goes down, you more often get what you pay for. And the cheaper something is, the more risk there is of you not getting value for your dollar.

Graph of High Value and High Quality

How do you get value for your dollar without overpaying? I think it starts from recognizing the actual cost of doing a job properly.

In today’s economy there is great opportunity to get exceptional value for your dollar and it doesn’t always come from finding the cheapest price. More often, it comes from paying a fair price for a service or product and then getting more than what you paid for. A business that recognizes that exceeding their customer’s expectations is the best way to keep a customer and even better, a customer who happily talks about the great service they got.

Heidi Nyline
Wonder woman at Warline Painting, an exceptional painting company. Loves colour, food, wine, dark rum, beaches, dogs and family. Not in that order.
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