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I Didn't Say I Hate Cloud White All the Time...

Posted by: Heidi Nyline

Apparently I have to clarify.  I recently wrote an article on how I thought Benjamin Moore Cloud White (CC-40, OC-130 or 967) was an over-used trim colour.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White CC-40 or OC-130

Well, did that ever stir up a hornet's nest with some of Warline's customers and homeowner's in Vancouver. Did they have the wrong trim colour now? Was there a better colour? Why did I recommend a colour I hated so much?

Actually, I didn't write that I hate Benjamin Moore Cloud White and for the record I don't. There is a reason why it is one of the most popular trim colours used by designers and builders everywhere.

Cloud White works so well because it is off-white.
The article I had written was on exterior painting. Exterior trim has no standard colour, whereas in interiors, 99% of all trim is some shade of white.

Cloud White works so well because it is off-white. Not bright white. Not creamy white. Off-white. In most cases, that is what you want in your home.

I recommend it all the time for interior trim. 

Here's what I don't do though. I don't assume Cloud White is going to work without comparing it to other whites. When I spec Cloud White it is because it was the right choice not because it was a default decision.

Trim in Benjamin Moore Simply White CC-117

Painting trim is one of the more time consuming (and expensive) components of painting a house and if it is a new home construction or extensive renovation, the trim is very likely sprayed instead of rolled or brushed. Spraying is how you get that perfectly smooth finish that looks factory done with no brush or roller marks. A good builder will choose a neutral trim colour that will allow the most options for paint colours on the walls. That would be an off-white such as Benjamin Moore Cloud White.

You are not likely going to paint your trim every time you paint your walls so choosing a trim colour that has longevity is a good idea. It limits your choice in wall colours if you choose a rich creamy trim colour like Benjamin Moore Mascarpone (AF-20) or a beige, white like Benjamin Moore Navajo White (OC-95). Both are lovely, but they have a smaller place as an interior trim colour and require a homeowner with a specific colour palette and style home.

Designers also love Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (OC-65) and aptly named Decorators White (CC-20). I definitely prefer Chantilly Lace of the two. You need to be careful when using bright whites because they can look a bit stark if paired with the certain wall colours.

A colour that is quickly growing on me these days for trim is Benjamin Moore Simply White (OC-117 or 2143-70). It is an off-white, similar to Cloud White but it is a little less yellow and a little more clean. Why I like it so much is because against the very popular greys I am recommending these days, it looks cleaner than Cloud White.

Benjamin Moore Simply White CC-117

Stuck on what colours to choose for your home's interior paint job? Looking for a quality painter that deliver outstanding work? Give us a call or send us an email and we can help you make your home beautiful with colour.

Posted by: Dustin Zupancic
As a painter who is married to a decorator I hear what you''re saying. I paint a ton of cloud white and actually have been seeing a little more of simply white lately and have been enjoying the change. A few of our bigger house contracts have used Puffball quite extensively on their trim and wainscotting. Personally, it was a bit too yellow/cream for my liking but worked real well with their colour scheme. I wish I had some pictures on our website for reference, I''ll try to work on that...


Thanks for stopping by Dustin. Cloud White will probably always be the standard it just should be the always. Creamy trim is fine if you have lots of earthy colours in the home. Look forward to more of your comments.

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