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Cloverdale Paint's New Artisan Colour Collection - The Best in Canadian Colour

Posted by: Heidi Nyline

I was surprised when I was told that more than 60% of all the paint sold by Cloverdale Paint is colour matched. One reason is the high amount of commercial applications their products are used in. Another is the fact that Coverdale Paint's products are so well formulated for our Vancouver climate that they offer some of the best solutions for exterior painting projects, regardless of your colour choice. But the third reason would be their colour palette has never been that great.
Cloverdale Paint's colours have been based on an international colour palette which is cleaner and brighter than what most North American designers and consumers have been wanting for the last decade. It's always been a challenge for me to find a customer just the right Cloverdale Paint colour when we are using Cloverdale Paint products.
That is until now. Welcome Artisan colours.

Artisan is Cloverdale Paint's new collection of 228 stunning colours.

What can I say? They are stunning.

Artisan colours are a collection of the most in demand custom colours Cloverdale Paint customers have requested. What that means is Artisan is really a collection of the best of the best in paint colours.
Did I already happen to mention that they are stunning?

The large samples in the Artisan Collection help customers really see and compare these colours.

Over the last few weeks, my assistant Kaitlyn and I have been doing up large samples for Morningstar Homes as they work on the colour schemes for their newest community, Kingston (coming to Burke Mountain in Coquitlam early this summer). We made up more than 24 large poster samples of possible exterior options, all from the Artisan collection. That meant we were sampling everything from whites and neutrals to the darkest of colours in the palette.

Both of us kept changing our minds as to what our favourite was as each new sample was done. Candle (CA007) and Artisan White (CA013) provide excellent options for off whites and when it came to dark trim or siding, colours like Brushed Nickel (CA205) and Cardigan (CA200) really stood out. The browns we sampled were on trend and provided beautiful undertones that made them very useable in both exterior and interior applications.
One of my favourite combinations was Western Juniper (CA186) with Soapstone (CA034). I think this combination of a deep bluey/green with a paperbag brown trim is going to be a very popular for exteriors in 2012.
I realize that not everyone gets as giddy as I do about colours, but this colour palette is great news for our customers. We use a lot of Cloverdale Paint, especially when it comes to exterior painting.
Having a collection of beautiful colours from Cloverdale Paint means I no longer have to explain to a customer the pros and cons of colour matching and then go through the process of making sure a colour match is good. It means I can build a collection of large samples of colours that are based on Cloverdale Paint colours and that is great for my customers using Cloverdale Paint. They can now have confidence in both the product and the colour they choose when they paint their home.
I am excited to start putting these colours into action this year. This colour palette offers everything I have been waiting for in a colour update from Cloverdale Paint. They absolutely delivered with the Artisan colour collection.
Does your house need painting this year? Give us a call and we'll set up an appointment to meet with you. Not only can we show you why Warline isn't your typical painting company, we can help you find the perfect colours for your home.

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