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PROJECT: Exterior painting of residential heritage home
LOCATION: 140 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver
COMPLETE: Summer 2012

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"I wanted to re-affirm that the entire crew working at 140 West 10th are excellent. Amir is a stand-out however. He knows how to paint of course, but he also has impressive people-management and organizational skills and brings a certain calming influence to what could easily become a highly excitable and chaotic workplace.

I know that's why you have him on your team, but I wanted to say it out loud."
John Davis, Vancouver, BC

Every year we have favourites. Favourites projects. Favourite houses. Even favourite customers. Not very often though do all those favourites happen on one job. It all came together for Warline when we got to paint one of John Davis's four Painted Ladies on West 10th Avenue in Vancouver.

In 2011 we had the pleasure of painting one John's four heritage homes on the 100th block of West 10th Avenue in Vancouver. John was so pleased with the results he asked us to come back this year and paint another heritage house for him.

We jumped at the chance.

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    • purple painted house
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This house is my personal favourite of John's four heritage houses - all on the Vancouver Historical Registry. I love the magenta and dark purple (almost black) trim combination. The details in the trim are beautiful. And I personally love that in contrast to the multi-colours of its bright next door neighbour, this house shines with only using two colours.

What makes working for John such a pleasure and working on his houses such a joy is John's commitment to maintaining these heritage homes. He is constantly tinkering, cleaning, fixing, clipping, trimming, and watching over the property. John doesn't wait until something is in disrepair before he takes care of it. He is the consummate proactive homeowner and caretaker. Working on houses that are so well maintained makes our work really shine.

Much has changed for Warline since we worked on our first house for John.

First, we invested in going dust-free and upgrading all of our sanders and extractors to Festool equipment. It turned the extensive prep work required before painting a heritage home into an absolute labour of love for our crew (dust free is just as nice doing exteriors as interiors). Today we are more efficient and our prep is more extensive. It is the foundation for a first class job. On a dark semi-gloss trim, smooth wood is paramount. Festool delivered again.

The other big change for Warline was our decision to implement scaffolding whenever possible instead of using conventional ladder systems. Not only has this increased the level of safety for both our crew and the residents but it means we we are able to work faster.

The end result speaks for itself. This house is beautiful and we will be back to paint another of John's houses in the next year or two.

So if you get the chance, take a bike ride or a walk down the 100 block of West 10th Avenue. It was once voted the prettiest street in Vancouver and I think it still is.