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PROJECT PROFILE: The Licorice House
PROJECT: Exterior painting of residential heritage home
LOCATION: 150 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver
COMPLETE: Summer 2013

"I've had a chance to really look around the job. I've gotta say, it's absolutely outstanding work. In my opinion, the whole crew are excellent, conscientious and hardworking people. They represent you extremely well. As usual, Amir keeps the whole thing together and is hugely important to the success of the project."
John Davis, Vancouver, BC

We get huge satisfaction at the end of a job. A newly painted house and a happy homeowner are signs of a job well done. When the end came to this project though, there was a definite sadness in the day. It marked the end of three consecutive summers where Warline's team worked on one of John Davis's Painted Ladies on the 100 block of West 10th Avenue.

This house was our last of his homes that needed painting for a while and we we excited because this one was getting brightened up with bolder colours and was the biggest of the houses. The colour palette included fresh new green siding, complimented by red and black trim. We sweetly nicknamed it the Licorice House.

By using Benjamin Moore Aura exterior paint in a semi-gloss finish on the trim gave the trim a high contrast pop. The details of the trim were stunning. The siding was painted in Cloverdale Paint's Covercoat exterior latex paint.

Once again, we erected scaffolding before working to set our crew up for maximum efficiency and safety. Unique challenges with this house included a super close proximity to the neighbouring house (we mean less than two feet close) and like John's other Painted Ladies, this one too has been converted into a number of rental suites so we needed to be considerate about working around multiple residents and regular traffic.

Our team was ready and loved every minute of work on this project.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to John and his family for allowing us the pleasure to paint some of the prettiest houses in Vancouver.


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