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Our Code of Conduct

The Warline code of conduct is a set of protocols followed by all members of the Warline team. It's the standard we work at on all our jobs, regardless of their size.

Safety Comes First
  • Posted rules of safety and conduct on a job site must be adhered to at all times.
  • You are required to complete a site and safety orientation before working on each job site. You are required to read, understand, sign and comply with Warline’s safety protocol and have a written copy of this protocol with you on the job site.
  • CSA approved hard hats and footwear must be worn on construction job sites. Soft soled, no scuff shoes are required to be worn when working inside a house.
  • If you see, smell or hear something that appears unsafe, immediately report it to the site supervisor.
Respect the Customer and Their Property
  • No smoking inside or outside of any home or in any yard, parking lot or on any common property at any time. Cigarette butts and gum must be disposed of in an appropriate garbage receptacle. You may only smoke on your break.
  • No food or drink (other than water) inside any home or building including garages and basements. You may take your break and eat your lunch in a designated area that will be determined by the site supervisor.
  • Your supervisor will let you know the location of restroom you may use.
  • Drop cloths and other protective measures must be used at all times.
  • Report any trade damage immediately to the team leader.
  • You must clean up all materials and supplies at the end of each day. NO exceptions.
  • No music or radios allowed on any job sites where homeowners, residents or tenants are living or working. On construction job sites, music levels must be kept at low enough levels as not to disturb other trades and to be able to hear the emergency horn.
Take Pride in Your Work and Your Profession
  • Work cleanly and maintain a clean and tidy work area.
  • Warline issued shirts and clean painter pants must be worn. You must be presentable and clean when you come to work.
  • You must be on time every day, prepared for all weather conditions and ready to work.
  • You must be professional, proficient and polite, at all times. No swearing, yelling or other inappropriate conduct.